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The character of the sounds which now loudly awakened the silence of this eventful night, could no longer be mistaken. They were distinguishable from the rushing of a mighty river, or from the muttering sound of distant thunder, by the sharp and angry notes which the clashing of the breast expansion morphs arms mingled breast expansion morphs the deep bass of the horses rapid tread. From the long continuance of the sounds, breast expansion morphs loudness, and the extent of horizon from which they seemed to come, all in the castle were satisfied that the approaching relief consisted of several very strong bodies of horse. Footnote Even the sharp and angry clang made by the iron scabbards of modern cavalry ringing against the steel-tippd saddles and stirrup, betrays their approach from a distance. The clash of the armour of knights, armed cap-a-pie, must have been much more easily discernible. At once this mighty sound ceased, as if the earth on which they trod had either devoured the armed squadrons or had become incapable of resounding to their tramp.
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